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An early Christmas-SVEN new Finnish Winner 2016 @ Helsinki IDS 11.12.16

Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner- the largest dog shows in Finland every year.... This year everything went far above our expectations. This year I had only Sven, Victorious Star Play and Win, with me and Johanna from kennel Heathkeeper´s had her little Deli, Delirium Tremens de Akra-Leuka.

Helsinki Winner was a small disappointment, the judge Calin Margineau thew us out of the ring since Sven´s left p1-tooth is too small. Due to the breed standard this is not a problem, but for Calin it was a HUGE problem. =)

Well, that didn´t matter and made me just hungrier for Sunday´s Finnish Winner competition. Sven was great in the ring, he was simply "look at me". Judge Olga Sinko liked him that much so we to start with won the champions class and she also picked him as Best Male and Finnish Winner 2016!!! I cried a little bit at that point.. =) The best of breed went both days to Nadja´s bitch Raven´s Tot Keen Sensation.

Johanna´s Deli did also great and won her first title, Finnish Junior Winner, the same day so the trip home to Vaasa was very short.

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